What is FASTER Utah and how can it make a difference?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

FASTER stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. ​

FASTER is a groundbreaking, non-profit program that gives educators practical and effective violence response training.


(*Disclaimer: We teach the use of deadly force but we shoot to stop not to kill as stated in the article. Article contains coarse language not condoned by FASTER Utah)

Funded by donations, training is provided at NO COST to teachers and administrators with concealed firearms permits. The program offers a carefully-structured curriculum offering hands-on training over 3 days. Those who graduate will pass a Law Enforcement Qualification Shoot. The purpose is not to replace police and EMT's, but to allow teachers and administrators to stop school violence rapidly and render medical aid immediately.

When violence strikes and students' lives are on the line, every second matters. Even though police are only minutes away, already there is faster than a response.​ ​

Our mission is to make scholarships, for Advanced Handgun and Trauma First Aid training, available to K-12 school faculty and administrators who have concealed firearms permits.

You can support FASTER Utah by donating here.


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Our mission is to train Embedded School Protectors. We give scholarships for Advanced Handgun and Trauma First Aid training to faculty, administrators, and school staff in K -12 schools who have concealed carry permits.

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