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My child's school already has a School Resource Officer or other armed and uniformed security. Why do we need to train teachers?

School Resource Officers are valuable but can't do everything, because they can't be everywhere. They are in uniform as a deterrent to crime, but becuase they are in uniform, they can be avoided or targeted first by those who might be tempted to commit mass murder in a school. We saw this in Columbine High School 20 years ago. Embedded School Protectors carry concealed and thus are not easy to single out and target or avoid. 

Who is going to pay for training school faculty? The schools already have tight budgets.

FASTER Utah training is paid for by generous people in Utah who are pro-active school safety promoters and support FASTER Utah through donations and contributions in kind. We receive some grants as well. There are also some school funds set aside for school safety that are not enough to hire more Resource Officers but could help train Embedded School Protectors.


What if I don't work at a school? Can I still participate in FASTER Utah training?
I am a teacher, how do I apply for FASTER Utah training?

We will schedule training in different regions in our state and make attending classes as convenient as possible.  Teachers can submit an application for training and scholarships here.

If you don't work at a school and want to support FASTER UTah and would like to be trained as an Embedded School Protector, you may pay and be trained in this comprehensive program. Your tuition will make it possible for more teachers and school staff to receive this training.

What is an Embedded School Protector?

Embedded School Protectors are volunteers who have Utah Concealed Firearms permits and take the FASTER training. This gives them the skills, tools, and confidence necessary to be a hero if needed and save lives.  Also they make our schools safer by being trained and working at school as a silent deterrent to violence in our schools.

How do I qualify for a training scholarship?

If you work at a school and have a Concealed Firearms permit, you qualify.  Scholarships are also limited by the resources available to FASTER Utah.

How can I get involved with FASTER Utah?

There are many ways to get involved in the FASTER program.  It can be as simple as helping spread the word on social media. We are looking for volunteer coordinators in each county to help train and coordinate volunteers to raise funds, raise awareness for FASTER Utah, and contact local school Principals, Superintendents and teachers to promote the idea of Embedded School Protectors. We can also use some volunteer help at the training sessions to facilitate smooth training days. Contact us here if you are interested in volunteering.

What if I don't have my concealed carry permit?

If you don't have a concealed carry permit yet go to this page and contact an instructor. Many will let school staff members attend their classes free or at reduced cost. When you have a permit then sign up for the FASTER training.

I want to take the FASTER Utah training but don't have any experience with firearms.

If you feel under prepared for FASTER Utah training, just contact us.  We have instructors who are willing to help you gain the confidence to take this comprehensive training so you will be prepared for the worst and stand as a deterrent to those who might be tempted to commit mass murder in a school.

If I get my gun out, aren't I responsible for whatever happens?

You are responsible for your actions. But, if you are reacting to a would be mass murderer and get your gun out, they are responsible for the bad things that happen unless you do something that is clearly negligent.

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