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A great message from one of Utah's school faculty about FASTER Utah: "Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more to not only prepare myself for safety and security, but also my coworkers, students, parents and families I serve! After looking more into this training opportunity, my husband and I went target practicing at the range and I know I would greatly appreciate the practice and preparedness your training provides! As a school counselor I work with a lot of people that struggle with mental illness, 100% the reason why I choose to conceal carry is from an experience I had last year with a student that left me feeling vulnerable and unprotected. As a female, I especially want to do all I can to make sure nothing happens to the 400+ children I take ownership in, that make up my alphabet, but also my own children who have someone they rely and depend on being there for them day after day. I have too much to lose by not being prepared, so thank you, thank you for offering this course!" - N.L.


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Our mission is to train Embedded School Protectors. We give scholarships for Advanced Handgun and Trauma First Aid training to faculty, administrators, and school staff in K -12 schools who have concealed carry permits.

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